What We Do

We help clients customize and apply multi-dimensional indexing for oral history recordings and other audio-video documentation.  This provides fluid, meaningful interaction with precise passages of media within and across interviews.  Customized to each collection or situation, such capacities create access for a wide variety of uses, from archival research to web-based exploration and a range of A/V presentation formats.

Grounded in oral history and utilizing an expanding range of technologies, we can help with any and all aspects of your project. From choosing and setting up a digital recorder, to conducting and organizing interviews, to designing comprehensive indexing and content management frameworks, we help you determine what you need and want to do with your audio and video, and then we work with you collaboratively to do it.

In-House Capabilities include:

  • Overall Project Design and Development
  • Audio/Video Digitization and Capture
  • Media-based Annotation of Recordings (transcription is optional)
  • Qualitative Analysis and Thematic Cross-Referencing of Audio and Video
  • Project-Specific Indexing Frameworks
  • Facilitating web publication of rich audio-video content mapping and access capacities


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